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Being your best self is not for the faint of heart. You are not alone if you have found yourself headed down the wrong path, or playing a role in life that you were not meant to play. Tab endeavors to help you navigate the wardrobe mishaps towards being your best self. Just because “skinny jeans” come in your size doesn’t mean you were meant to wear them.

This Is What I Signed On For?

The wife of a USMC Combat Veteran turned Deputy Sheriff, Tab shares about the pain, the pride and…

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Wearing Other People’s Perceptions Makes Your Butt Look Fat

Tab will help you discover who you are meant to be by taking a look at your lifes wardrobe and weeding out…

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I Accidentally Raised a Warrior

It’s not news that parenting is difficult, but when your child is “diagnosed” (with Aspergers), the battle…

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