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Purpose! The Value of Time.

Time is money.  We have likely all heard that phrase more than once. Time is money and money has value, therefore your time is valuable. I have found myself reflecting on this over the past few months. What is it that I am investing my time in and is the price fitting? So often we…
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Vet Wife Life

I chose to marry a combat veteran- a United States Marine no less. I had no idea that he wouldn’t fight fair, that he would be rough around the edges, that he would be so distant and yet so tuned in. I had no idea he would be so tender hearted beneath an exterior of…
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  It seems cliché’ but the truth is, things don’t always go as planned. The best laid plans are often foiled by things that are not within our control. We do, however, get to control how we react.   With my husband’s job, it seems no matter how well I try to plan, there are…
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