Happiness is not the Final Destination

Happiness is not the Final Destination

Do what makes you happy!

It’s some of the worst advice I’ve heard. Happiness is one of many emotions that we experience as part of the totality of who we are.


The proverbial state of happiness is a moving destination. If you decide that eating delicious food is what makes you happy, and you do that thing, you might find then that you are overweight, tired, uncomfortable or miserable. You then decide that running would make you happy, supposing you would lose weight and shed the discomfort. You embark on a journey to do what makes you happy by running every day, only to discover that your muscles are sore, your feet ache and your shins are painful. The point is, happiness is not an infinite state of being, but a fleeting emotion. A moving target.


Consider this; is what you suppose will make you happy causing pain to someone else? Would it still be wise then, to continue doing what you think will make you happy? Maybe, or maybe not. It is dangerous to make decisions based on an emotional moment or an emotional end game.

Logically, simply doing what makes you happy is a recipe for failure and sadness, quite the opposite of the goal.


Now, I’m not saying that happiness is a bad thing, it is simply not the final destination.

I would suggest that rather than living to do what makes you happy, you should instead choose to be joyful as you journey.


Life has a way of taking unexpected turns. Pot holes appear out of nowhere. It’s easy to become defeated and distracted as you work to achieve your goals. Don’t be discouraged because simply achieving a goal does not guarantee a perpetual state of happiness. Instead choose a joyful countenance no matter the situation. Choosing joy means that you are not going to be derailed by the details and that you recognize the beauty in the journey.


Emotions are fleeting, and none last forever. If you hang your hat on just one, you will certainly be disappointed every time.  Rather than do what makes you happy, consider working on being your best you, extending grace to yourself as you do life, know that the end target perpetually changes and choose to be joyful in the journey.

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  1. Amy Kobos says:

    I absolutely love this article! Very fresh and insightful thoughts on happiness! I’d have to 100% agree with everything you intrinsically crafted!

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