Purpose! The Value of Time.

Purpose! The Value of Time.

Time is money.  We have likely all heard that phrase more than once. Time is money and money has value, therefore your time is valuable. I have found myself reflecting on this over the past few months. What is it that I am investing my time in and is the price fitting?

So often we mindlessly get through each day. We may give thought to priorities like work, school etc. but the tasks that fill our days seem to happen organically with little attention to the investment we are making. Like a dollar, once you spend it, time is gone, however, unlike a dollar, you cannot get even a minute of your time back. What then, is the value of our time?

Recently, I got home after a very long day. Early morning meetings and a full day followed by an after hours event. I was exhausted! When I laid my head on my pillow, I couldn’t help but think about what I had accomplished in that day. Did I invest my time where it mattered? I realized, that I had simply been going through the motions, with no care as to how I let time slip through my fingers. Sure, I got a lot done that day, but I had not really invested my time, I just spent it. Like walking through the day with our wallet open and letting the bills fly out whenever and wherever they happened to do so.

Sadly, I suspect this is most days for a lot of us. Grinding through and living for the weekend.

It pains my heart to think of the time that I’ve spent being busy, rather than investing. Time is valuable and needs to be cared for as such.

What is the solution? I believe it is purpose! I have adopted this word as my anthem for this year and beyond. Purpose! Living life on purpose, is like budgeting your money. If you have a plan, you can stretch your resources better. You can have a greater impact on your family, community and your legacy, if you will just be purposeful about how you spend your time.

Time is money, it has far greater value than anything tangible. It is priceless and irreplaceable. Cherish it, and spend it on purpose!

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